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AIRPORT ENCOUNTERS a production of Neo Ensemble Theatre, The Lounge Theatres
"Simple Air" by Nancy Van Iderstine wins the prize hands down as the funniest playlet. It's about an Amish married couple, who shouldn't be flying... And as the vignette progresses the wife (Kathleen Cecchin) confesses to her husband (David St. James) a few other disgraceful things she has done. I don't want to spoil this one by giving away too much of the plot, but you will see the Amish break rules and have more fun in fifteen minutes than you could ever possibly imagine."
               -Don Grigware, Grigware Reviews/Broadway World

"Simple Air" by Nancy Van Iderstine ended up my personal fave of the ten.  Now let me reveal this evolves into a musical. Yes, a ten minute musical. A ten minute hip-hop musical complete with backup dancers! If you're not tempted by that description, I don't know what to say.

              -Zahir Blue, Night-Tinted Glasses






It cannot be said that some of the women do not feel regret at not having children, but it doesn’t last long. They do not define themselves or their life’s worth by the number of children they have or don’t have... Although several of the contributors in No Kidding are stand-up comedians, this is a serious topic. But since all of the women are writers, No Kidding’s personal essays can be humorous (sometimes darkly so) as well as poignant.

These women aren’t seeking pity or approval. They are normal women living normal lives.

Nancy Van Iderstine writes about the cool treatment she used to get as a childless woman when going for her check up at the OB/GYN. She still wonders if the newfound empathy she now receives is because she has had a hysterectomy and can’t have children, rather than simply never getting around to it when she had the chance.

             -Zetta Brown, New York Journal of Books